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Levi Jordan Plantation Restoration

Brazoria, Texas

Services: Structural Engineering

Cost: Unknown

Date Complete: 2012

Team: Volz & Associates Inc.

Owner: Texas Historical Commission

Description: Among the oldest structures remaining in Brazoria County, the Levi Jordan Plantation State Historic Site is new again. Under Texas Historical Commission guidance, the project included preservation and stabilization efforts on the plantation house. The house required partial demolition in order to permanently stabilize the building and preserve its exterior. As the exterior structural skin was removed, the extent of the deterioration of the structure was discovered. Wood beams were found to be severely deteriorated but were retrofitted and left as part of the structure due to their historical significance. Our team performed detailed documentation of existing conditions to provide interim and permanent building stabilizations and extensive coordination with the architect, contractor and owner to achieve structurally and historically sound processes and retrofits.

LJP-After Image.jpg
LJP-Before 1.jpg
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