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Hirshfeld Moore House

Structural Engineering

The scope of this project is a structural condition survey of the historical Hirshfeld-Moore House in order to inform a subsequent phase of restoration. For purposes of this project, the Hirshfeld-Moore House includes the Cottage (b.1873), the Main House (b. 1885) and the Carriage House (b. unknown).  The Main House is a two-story, wood framed building with stone and brick veneer and a slate tile roof.  There is a crawl space with low clearance and an attic. The first and second floors are approximately 3,660 and 2,750 square feet respectively, for a total of 6,410-sf. Originally built in 1885, it was first known to be restored in 1979 then subsequently underwent a porch restoration in 2000. The Cottage is a one-story building with load-bearing masonry (rough cut stone) walls.  It was originally built in 1873 and there are no known restorations. The Carriage House is a one-story wood framed building, currently occupied as a residence.  It is unknown when this building was built.

Hirshfeld Moore House




Austin, Texas




Texas A&M University System Facilities Planning and Construction


Historic, Higher Education

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