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Stingray Pavilion

Structural Engineering

The grassy backyard slopes downward towards the lake, and then steps down three (3) feet to the hardscape. There is an original rubble stone retaining wall at the extent of the yard/hardscape and is approximately 6 feet tall at its tallest. A new French drain was installed at the high side of the hardscape that daylights at an elevation slightly higher than the top of the original stone rubble retaining wall (see Photograph 2). As part of the new hardscape, a new, built-up, circular stone patio is partially on top of the original retaining wall. The reported distress in the original retaining wall occurs where the circular patio is located. The distress is also observed in the masonry skirting of the patio and the stone pavers of the patio.

Stingray Pavilion

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Austin, Texas




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