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Winn Elementary School

Structural Engineering

Phase 1 – New Library Addition This project is a new stand-alone library addition for the existing Winn Elementary School in Austin, Texas.  The existing school was built in 1969 with a classroom addition built in 1989.  The proposed library is to be located approximately 50 feet north of the original school building (b. 1969) and 75 feet northwest of the 1989 addition.  The new library addition is to be a single-story building, approximately 5,000 square feet.  The foundation is anticipated to be a suspended system supported by drilled piers; the roof framing is anticipated to be open web steel joists supported by steel columns and steel beams; and the walls are anticipated to be cold-formed metal infill studs.

Phase 2 – Renovations to Existing Building Structural issues related to the installation of a new elevator as part of the administration renovations and addressing the damaged folding partition wall between the Gym and the Cafeteria.

Winn Elementary School




Austin, Texas




Austin Independent School District



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