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BE1 Laboratory Addition at Pickle Research Campus

Austin, Texas

Services: Structural Engineering

Cost: $5.6M

Date Complete: April 2019

Team: Atkins Global

Owner: The University of Texas at Austin

Description: This project included renovations to the existing Mineral Studies Lab building at the University of Texas, and included interior space reconfiguration, mechanical upgrades, laboratory upgrades (fume hoods and eye wash stations), installation of new doors and windows, a stair replacement, updating finishes throughout the building, and an 18,000 square foot building addition. The addition was a 1-story building with a rooftop terrace and canopy. The addition framing is structural steel with CMU infill. One of the labs in the addition had vibration sensitive equipment which was accommodated with foundation isolation and additional mass for dampening.

UT BEG-21.jpg
UT BEG-18.jpg
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