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Project List


BE1 Custom Courtyard for Geology Building  |  University of Texas at Austin  |  Austin, TX  |  2019  |

BE1 Laboratory Addition at Pickle Research Campus  |  University of Texas at Austin  |  Austin, TX  |  209  |

Hirschfeld Moore House Structural Condition Survey  |  Texas A&M University System  |  Austin, TX  |  2015  |

Round Rock Phase II New Academic Building  |  Austin Community College  |  Austin, TX  |  2018  |


University of Texas at Austin

  • Briscoe Center Renovation

  • Gearing Hall HVAC and Electrical Renovation

  • Graduate Student Housing Complex (new construction)

  • Harry Ransom Center Building Exterior Maintenance

  • HVAC Remediation (Phase 2) Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Building (CPE)

  • Jackson Geological Sciences Building HVAC, Electrical, and Laboratory Upgrades

  • New East Campus Tennis Facility (new construction)

  • New Tennis Facility at Whitaker Fields (new construction)

  • Renovations for UT Press at Pickle Research Center

  • SEA Building Renovations Champagne Curley Lab

  • Townes Hall HVAC Renewal, Phase I

  • UT EME Fume Hood Addition

  • Warfield Art Gallery Renovations, Beauford H. Jester Center

  • Winship Drama Building HVAC Renewal


Texas State University San Marcos

  • Bridgework at Old Golf Course

  • Retama Hall Renovation

  • Star One Polymer Lab

  • Star One Micropower Lab


University of Texas at San Antonio

  • Flawn Sciences Building Fourth Floor Security

  • Flawn Sciences Building Mechanical Renewal

  • Flawn Sciences Building New Restrooms


Texas A&M

  • Solar Canopy, Texas A&M International University

  • Veterinary Small Animal Hospital Clean Steam Generator

  • Walton Hall VRF Installation


Austin Community College

  • Elgin Campus Phase 2

  • Highland District Cooling Plant

  • Northridge Campus Fume Hood Replacement

  • Riverside Campus Fume Hood Replacement

  • Round Rock Campus Phase II, Building 9000 CUP Renovation


Other Universities

  • Concho Hall Demolition, Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas

  • Del Mar College Workforce Development Center, Corpus Christi, Texas

  • Southwestern University Athletic Improvements, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas

  • St. Edward’s University Physical Plant Valve Support, Austin, Texas

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