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Project List


Lago Vista High School New Campus  |  Lago Vista ISD  |  Lago Vista, TX  |  2015  |

Winn Elementary School New Library & Renovations  |  Austin ISD  |  Austin, TX  |  2017  |

Redbud Elementary School (New Elementary School #35)  |  Round Rock ISD  |  Round Rock, TX  |  2021  |

Tsen Engineering has extensive experience in the K-12 sector. We have provided structural engineering services for seven (7) central Texas school districts and are prequalified to provide structural engineering services for additional districts. Our K-12 portfolio includes new construction, additions, and renovations to existing structures. The following is a full listing of our K-12 projects categorized by school district.


Austin ISD

  • Akins High School Cooling Tower Replacement

  • Anderson High School Additions and Renovation

  • Anderson High School Auditorium Stage Expansion

  • Austin High School Cooling Tower Replacement

  • Bowie High School Renovations & New Practice Field

  • Brentwood & Brykerwood Elementary School Renovations

  • Brentwood Elementary School HVAC Renovations

  • Burger Athletic Complex Light Pole Foundations

  • Burger Center Mechanical Renovation

  • Casey Elementary School HVAC Renovations

  • Casis Elementary School HVAC Renovations

  • Clifton Career Development School HVAC Improvements

  • Cook Elementary School Renovations

  • Cook Elementary School Cooling Tower Modifications

  • Dawson Elementary School Mechanical Renovations

  • Doss Elementary School, Oak Hill Elementary School, and Covington Middle School

  • Eastside Memorial High School AV Studio Renovations

  • Fulmore Middle School Renovations

  • Govalle Elementary School HVAC Renovations

  • Graham Elementary School Crawl Space Study and Repairs

  • Graham Elementary School HVAC Improvements

  • Hill Elementary School HVAC Renovations

  • Houston Elementary Chiller Replacement

  • Joslin Kocurek Mathews and Ortega Elementary School HVAC Retrofits

  • Joslin Elementary School Phase II

  • Kealing Middle School Renovations

  • Kiker Elementary School Renovations

  • Kiker Elementary School RTU Support

  • Lamar Middle School Rooftop Equipment Replacement

  • Langford Elementary School HVAC Renovations

  • Lanier High School Renovations

  • LASA Eastside High School Renovations

  • Lee Elementary School Renovations

  • Lee Elementary School Classroom Additions

  • Linder Elementary School Renovations

  • Maplewood Elementary School New Lift and RTU

  • Martin Middle School Renovations

  • Mendez Middle School Mechanical Renovations

  • McCallum High School Dance Addition

  • Menchaca Elementary School Addition/Renovations

  • Norman Elementary School HVAC Renovations

  • Odom Elementary School Additions

  • Patton Elementary School Classroom Addition

  • Pecan Springs Elementary School Renovations

  • Pillow Elementary School Library Expansion

  • Reagan High School Renovations

  • Renovations at Wooten & McBee Elementary Schools

  • Sanchez Elementary School Renovations

  • Summitt Elementary School HVAC Improvements

  • Travis Heights Elementary School Mechanical Renovations

  • Travis High School Central Plant Column Repair

  • Webb Middle School Renovations

  • Zilker Elementary School Structural Improvements

Eanes ISD

  • Approved Structural Engineering Consultant 


  • Beacon Hill Transportation Building Repairs

Hutto ISD

  • Approved Structural Engineering Consultant

  • Hutto Middle School and Farley Middle School Additions

Killeen ISD

  • Approved Structural Engineering Consultant

  • Structural Assessment of Four Area High Schools

Manor ISD

  • Approved Structural Engineering Consultant

Round Rock ISD

  • Approved Structural Engineering Consultant

  • Anderson Mill Elementary School RTU Replacement

  • Grisham Middle School Weight Room Addition

  • Chisholm Middle School Weight Room Addition

Thrall ISD

  • New High School and Elementary School Addition

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