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Project List


Austin Film Society Armory Renovation  |  City of Austin  |  Austin, TX  |  2019  |

Consolidated Maintenance Facility New Campus  |  Austin-Bergstrom International Airport  |  Austin, TX  |  2018  |

Elisabet Ney Museum Restoration, b. 1892.  |  City of Austin  |  Austin, TX  |  2014  |

Montopolis Recreations and Community Center  |  City of Austin  |  Austin, TX  |  2019  |

New Parking Garage & Administration Building  |  Austin-Bergstrom International Airport  |  Austin, TX  |  2020  |

Pecan Springs Bus Shelter  |  Capital Metro  |  Austin, Texas  |  2012  |


Austin Animal Services

  • Animal Center Kennel Addition and Campus Infrastructure Improvements


City of Austin Aviation Department

  • 2015 Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Rotation List

    • Motor Pool Structural Condition Survey

    • Consolidated Maintenance Feasibility Study


Austin Convention Center

  • Castleman-Bull House Roof Repair

  • East Second Street Garage Elevator Addition

  • InVision Studios Austin Convention Center

  • Trash Storage Space for Service Area, Austin Convention Center

  • Waller Pavilion

  • Warehouse and Marshalling Yard


Austin Energy

  • Austin Community College Highland District Cooling Plant

  • Decker Creek Power Plant Entry Structural Repair

  • Domain District Cooling Tower Improvements

  • Downtown Cooling Plant Basin Wash System

  • Engineering Services for Downtown District Cooling Plant #3

  • Structural Engineering Services for Ten Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Austin Public Library

  • Yarborough Library Renovation

  • Cepeda Library Renovation


City of Austin Public Works Department

  • Austin Resource Center for the Homeless Parking Area Enclosure

  • Onion Creek Fire/EMS Facility

  • Montopolis Recreation and Community Center

City of New Braunfels

  • Public Works Municipal Center


City of Lockhart

  • Lockhart Fire Station #3

Capitol Metro

  • Capital Metro Northeast Operations Facility Structural Survey


Texas Facilities Commission

  • DPS Data Center Structural Analysis

  • DPS Deferred Maintenance HQ Complex Buildings A & C and NW Office Building Mechanical

  • DPS Deferred Maintenance Projects Pre-Design

  • Professional Engineering Services for Deferred Maintenance Projects in Five State Office Buildings

    • Insurance Building

    • Price Daniel Sr. Building

    • Supreme Court Building

    • Sam Houston Building

    • Tom. C. Clark Building

  • Professional Engineering Services for Deferred Maintenance Projects in Seven State Office Buildings

    • Robert E. Johnson Building

    • William P. Clements Building

  • Robert E. Johnson Parking Garage

Texas Department of Transportation

  • Camp Hubbard Building 4 Generator Replacement

  • Camp Hubbard Building 6 Generator Replacement

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